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Ultimate Magnesium Fire Stater

Ultimate Magnesium Fire Stater

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The Ultimate Magnesium Fire Starter has a compact magnesium body that can be reused hundreds of times. It is waterproof and rustproof. The Ultimate Magnesium Fire Starter is built to be durable and long lasting. It comes with the magnesium bar, built in flint rod and a striker.

  • Unaffected by water.
  • Solid magnesium body
  • Creates a 5400 degree flame source.
  • Metal striker.
  • Fits in your pocket or attach to backpack or bag with included chain.
  • Measures: 3" x 1" x 0.375"
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.

Using the metal striker or the backside of a pocket knife scrape the magnesium bar on the opposite side from the flint rod. If you use the edge of the bar you will have good success in getting nice curled shavings of magnesium.

Once you have shaved about a pile about the size of a quarter. Use the metal striker or the backside of a pocket knife again to strike the flint rod and create a shower of sparks onto the shavings. We find that it works best if you hold your knife in a stationary position above the shavings and slide the magnesium bar back and away from the pile. This way you will not run the risk of hitting your shavings with the bar as you try to ignite the shavings.

Have some small pieces of tinder ready to place on the burning magnesium shavings.

Distributed by SE®

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