Things to Know Before Buying Food Storage

We will counsel with you and help you select the most appropriate food storage items and emergency gear for your circumstances. For example, have you considered these things:

1. Do you have good food variety? Don’t overlook variety. Variety is very important. 500 lbs of wheat is not a good food storage plan. You need balanced nutrition. The more variety you have the better off you will be.

2. How much food weight or calories a day do I need? There are two easy ways to figure out how much food you need…

A) 2000 calories a day. This is the “A” rule. This is the average amount a person needs per day. It’s harder to calculate out your food storage this way because you have to count the calories of every can. The “B” rule is easier.

B) Dried food weight equals calories. This is not exact but close. It’s a “B” rule. If I were grading a paper, “A” would be perfect and a “B” would be good. A can of food that weighs 5 lbs will feed you 5 times longer than a 1 lb can. It takes 1 – 1.5 lbs of dry food per day to feed a person. This means by dried food weight you need approximately 500 lbs of dried food a year. Whether it is dehydrated or freeze dried food, a pound is still a pound (exception-a few fruits do have a little water weight and consequently shorter shelf life). If you eat less than this you will be losing weight and starving yourself.