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Welcome to our new website. (Our old site was yfsmstore.com.)

We are a St. George, Utah, based retailer and have been selling food storage items and emergency supplies for 20+ years. We have a small physical store in St George and we now offer many of our excellent products on this website. Some items can be shipped nationwide. Large, bulky items can be ordered online but must be picked up at our physical store.

We want to help you be prepared! For anything! Our mission is to help you understand, acquire, store and use products and supplies so you can be safe in any situation. Always have safe water. Be ready for “bug-out” scenarios. Have everything you need to “shelter at home.”

We have long offered Utah’s best food storage products, at the best prices, with outstanding customer service.

We love group orders. Tell us about your group and we will arrange the best possible prices. On substantial group orders, we can deliver to central locations in the Salt Lake and Las Vegas areas.


Showing 1–12 of 365 results

Showing 1–12 of 365 results