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St George Nano Silver (Ag+) Particle Solution 4 oz

St George Nano Silver (Ag+) Particle Solution 4 oz

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St. George Nano Silver Ag+ Particle Solution

Pure nano silver (70ppm) in steam-distilled water.

4 oz bottle

Excellent for everyday first aid, water purification, emergency kits and long term storage

1: Emergency Water Purification: 5 drops to quart of water (filtered river water). 2.5 oz. treats 50 gallons of water (filtered). Let sit for 20 minutes. Excellent for Travel, Camping, Storage

2: Emergency Medical: Used to control infectious diseases - Food poisoning - Flu - Throat/Lungs/Stomach/Diarrhea - Athletes foot - Eye infection - Herpes - Burns - Scrapes

3: General Health: Cuts - Wounds - Burns - Poison Ivy - Rashes - Eye Drops - Mouth Wash/Gargle - Sterilizes anything

4: Everyday Use: Hypo-allergenic Personal Hygiene Eye Drops - Nose Spray - Mouth Wash - Deodorant - Rashes - Foot Care - Sun Burn - Acne

We know the chemist who developed this formula and trust this product. St. George Nano Silver is the real deal. Read the information he provided by following this link: St. George Nano Silver.

This product and the statements associated with it have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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