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HybridLight NAV Headlamp

HybridLight NAV Headlamp

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NAV Rechargeable LED Headlamp with headband, hat clip and charging cable. 5 hours of light on a single charge.

  • The NAV is our versatile Headlamp that comes with both a comfortable Headband, and a Hat Clip that slides snug on your hat.

    The head of The NAV pivots at 180° allowing you to point the headlamp where you need it. The NAV is equipped with 3 LED’s (White, Red, Green) that shines bright at 75 Lumens, and a Switch Lock Mode to prevent the light from turning on in your bag.

    You’ll get 5 hours of light on one full charge, and can be recharged via the MicroUSB port (cord included).

    The NAV Headlamp measures 3.25” in length and weighs in at only an ounce. The NAV’s super light design makes it the ideal choice for fishing, hunting, outdoor sporting and outdoors enthusiasts.

  • Distributed by HybridLight®
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