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Heavy Duty Insulated Stove with Charcoal Briquette Insert

Heavy Duty Insulated Stove with Charcoal Briquette Insert

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Heavy Duty Insulated Stove with Charcoal Briquette Insert.

This stove is made in the USA of mostly of 14 gauge cold rolled steel and is basically an heirloom product (meaning it would be hard to wear it out and you will hand it down to your children).

When the propane/butane runs out and the sun doesn't shine (assuming you have any propane/butane or a solar oven) this little stove will save the day. Small twigs and sticks will work but keeping some extra bags of charcoal briquettes on hand or a small pile of lumber like you see from the trash pile of construction site is even better. That's all you need for a nice hot meal using this stove. These stoves are great for emergencies, camping or just for fun while teaching the kids a new skill.

It weighs around 17 lbs. It’s made entirely of steel except for the insulation inside and aluminum top plate.

Easy carry handle for portability.

Roast smores, hot dogs, boil water, or cook a serious meal.

It takes a very small amount of wood or charcoal briquettes to cook a full meal.

It comes with an insert specifically designed to use with Charcoal Briquettes.

A removable aluminum 7” top plate is included for cooking with a cup or small pot. It is also great for dispersing the heat more evenly across the bottom of a thin pot or pan.

Tips for using

  • If conditions are breezy or windy, face the feed chute away from or opposite the wind.

  • The lower slot under the feeding chute is used for the air intake. Don't load that with burnable material.

  • Place a small amount of stater material through the chimney. Don't overload when getting the stove started. Continue feeding the stove through the chimney until you have a small fire going. Now place the cooking pot on top and add more wood through the feed chute. You will be able to increase the diameter of the wood as the fire gets hotter. As the fire burns keep pushing the wood into the stove to keep the fire burning.

  • For briquettes, start the stove as usual through the chimney. Once you have a good small fire started drop the briquette sleeve down the chimney. The insert won't go down if you have pieces of wood stuffed through the feed chute to the back of the stove. Pour about 10 briquets on top of the insert. This original small fire should start the briquettes burning. The briquettes should give you about an hour of cooking time.

  • When you are done and the stove has cooled down, just lift by the back handle and dump out the ashes.




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