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GoSun Fusion Hybrid Solar Oven

GoSun Fusion Hybrid Solar Oven

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GoSun Fusion Solar Oven.

The GoSun Fusion is the world's first solar oven that can also cook without Sun. A hybrid solar + electric oven runs on sunshine or 12 Volt from your car, boat, RV or Power bank.

If you're out of sunlight, plug the Fusion into a 12V source to power the 150 watt heating element. Use GoSun solar chargers to harness the power of the Sun to cook day and night.

Cook, fry, steam, bake, or boil - all with the power of the Sun. Built to harness the heat of the Sun, the Fusion cooks a meal for 5 inside the evacuated tube. At temperatures over 400˚ F, this solar oven can cook a meal anywhere the Sun shines.

Cooking under full sun is always nice with a solar cooker, but GoSun operates under a wide range of conditions; cloudy, freezing, muggy, snowing, windy, dusty, you name it, nothing is off limits. Now, with the electric heater, the cooking never ends.

The Fusion's patented solar evacuated tube creates the most efficient insulation in modern cooking technology. Two parabolic reflectors concentrate the sunlight into the cooking chamber - trapping the energy inside for cooking.

Traditional grills can't compete - once the charcoal or propane runs out. Meals in minutes with only sunlight, this hybrid solar oven provides solar cooking any time, any place.

Comes with Hybrid Solar/Electric Oven, Powered Cooking Tray, Power Cord, Solar Dial and User Manual.

14 lbs

24" x 8" x 8.5"

145 oz

Meals per load

Max temp

Power Output
200W-225W (full sun)

Works under clouds

Works at night

Power source
Sun, Electric


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