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Folding Pocket Magnifier

Folding Pocket Magnifier

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Lightweight Compact Folding Pocket Magnifier. You can take it anywhere.

The SE MF2054B Folding Pocket Magnifier is great for accurately viewing and inspecting antique markings, circuitry, detailed jewelry work, photographs, watches, and more. Give your eyes a break from squinting to see small objects by making them bigger with this magnifying glass. This tool is compact sized and ideal for carrying around in backpacks, bags, pockets, purses, toolboxes, and more. You can easily fold this magnifier into a black vinyl cover to close and store it.

Compact size:

The compact size of the magnifier folds easily into its case for easy storage and transportation while keeping it lightweight

5x Magnification:

5x magnification in a 1-1/2” diameter glass allows you to zoom into any fine details you need to see in your work

Protective Case:

Attached to a black vinyl cover, the tool can be kept safe with the felt lining that prevents dust from scratching the lens

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