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5 Gal Solar Shower

5 Gal Solar Shower

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When you are away from civilization and need a considerable amount of flowing hot water, the SE CSS5G 5-Gallon Solar Shower Set can help provide the supply! Once the sun naturally heats the water-filled bag to the desired temperature, you are ready to take a shower, wash your clothes, rinse dishes, and whatever you need to do. It is handy to have while camping, traveling, and during any sort of emergency or survival situation.

Product features:

Easy assembly
Shower bag
Overall dimensions(when empty): 24-1/2" x 16"
Capacity dimensions: 21" x 16"
Capacity: 5 gallons
Front side: heat-absorbing surface
Back side: transparent surface
Cut-out handle
PVC pipe for handle support (slides through slot at top of bag)
Spout with attached plug-in cap at top of bag
Clear transparent shower hose (length: 25")
Plastic 28-hole showerhead (diameter: 1-1/2") On/off valve attached to screw-in cap for nozzle at bottom of bag

  • 5-gallon shower bag with heat absorption surface
  • 28-hole showerhead (1-1/2" dia.) and clear transparent 25" shower hose
  • On/off valve and spout with attached plug-in cap at the top of bag
  • PVC pipe for handle support and black hanging hook with rope attached
  • Great for camping, traveling, emergency/survival situations, and more

Great for camping, backpacking, traveling, emergency situations.

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