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Rockwell Water Tank 250 Gallon (Store Pickup Only)

Rockwell Water Tank 250 Gallon (Store Pickup Only)

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Made in the USA.

250 Gallon Water Storage Tank with 2 Inset Spigots.

We offer local delivery for $35. Follow this link to add Local Delivery.

Distributed by Rockwell Water Systems

Get the best deal on home water storage with the OASIS 250 Water Storage system. This high-quality 250-gallon water storage tank is a safe, secure, and clean way to store water.

Have peace of mind knowing that your water storage is safe and easily accessible in an emergency with our new innovative tanks. Our tanks come equipped with an Anti-Airlock Cap that has a spring-loaded valve that let's air in, as water goes out. Our tanks feature high-quality brass valves one is positioned as a lower drain making it easy to rotate water, the other is positioned at a level to make it easy to fill containers.

We highly recommend using a lead free, water safe hose to fill up your tank (Not a garden hose)

• 81" Tall x28" Wide x36" Long
• Dry Weight: 80lbs, with pallet 110lb
• Made and Assembled in USA
• Large Cap for Easy Cleaning & Filling
• Elliptical Design Saves Space
• Easy to Fill Buckets
• Flat Top for Hose Storage
• BPA Free
• No Phthalates
• No Bisphenol-a
• Made from High-Quality LLDPE Plastic
• NSF, ANSI, and FDA Compliant
• Barrier Between Floor and Ground
• Holds 250 Gal
• Anti-Airlock Cap: Spring-Loaded Valve
• Lower Drain: Easy to rotate the water, High-Quality brass valve
• Upper Valve: Easy to fill containers, High-Quality Brass Valve
• Removable Handle: Fit it when you need to operate the Valves
• High-Quality Brass Valves: Long lasting, Pipe Joint Compound
• Keyed spigots, rotation schedule, pipe dope, easy assembly instructions included

250 gallon emergency water storage tank

Best tank for an earthquake!

Fact: Our LLDPE polyethylene tanks have a much higher impact strength than our competitors HDPE tanks.

Takes up only 5.5 square feet of space

Fits through more doorways than our competition 28" wide!

Easy rotation with lower valve & rotation schedule

Fits almost 5-55 gallon barrels in one tank

Anti-airlock cap on every tank

1/4" nominal thickness


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