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Red Whistle with Lanyard

Red Whistle with Lanyard

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These emergency whistles have a loud and crisp sound that you can use effectively under any circumstance and can quickly attract the crowd's attention anytime you want. Each whistle comes with a lanyard (not attached for easy use with paracord) so you can hang it around your neck to keep your hands free. These whistles can be used in sports, hiking, boating, camping, hunting, emergency survival, rescue, etc. Great to give to kids out and about. They can blow it if they are lost or in danger. A whistle can be blown with very little effort, even if you are injured and can be heard much farther away than you can yell. Yell for help, and your voice goes hoarse very quickly, and then nobody can hear you. 

The red whistle picture shows basic information about the whistle. Product title tells the color of the whistle for the listing.

Purchase 5 or more of the same color whistle for the discount offered.

Decibal level = 120
Matrial= ABS Plastic
Demensions = 2.3cm x 2.0cm x 5.5 cm  /0.9 in x 0.8 in x 2.2 in

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