Wonderful Whipped Cream/Chocolate Moose

chocolate moose from storage

When looking around the store Your Family Still Matters there are many options of food that you didn’t even know could be food storage. One of those that I saw was Whipped Cream out of duty to my curiosity I had to try it out and see if it really was like normal whip cream. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the result of this powdered whip cream. Following the directions on the back of the can I mixed my whip cream powder with water and then placed it in a blender. After a minute or two in the blender I placed it in the fridge for a couple of minutes giving the powder some time to do its magic. I then placed in the blender one more time and I could not believe my eyes. (See pics) It was amazingly thick and felt and tasted just like normal whip cream. I had to try it on something to get the real comparison so I placed the whip cream on a warm piece of berry pie to give it a true test of will. The whip cream past with flying colors. If I did not just mix it up myself I would not believe it was a powder a couple of minutes before.

After seeing the results of the whip cream I had to take it a step further and see if we could push our luck by adding powdered chocolate milk to see if we could make a moose out of this powdered whip cream. Adding some water and the chocolate powdered milk, I placed it back in the blender. (I added the water because I knew that the chocolate milk would have to have water to mix well with the whip cream.) Me adding the water and the chocolate powder did not change the consitency of the whip cream and transformed it into a wonderful chocolate moose. I highly recommend both of these products, the Rainy Day Whip Cream and the High Country Chocolate Powdered Milk.

whipped cream from storagewhipped cream final
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