Perfect Chocolate Milk Shake

milk shake from storage

I love the Chocolate High Country powdered milk, so I decided to try and make a quick easy milkshake and chocolate moose out of it. I wanted to see if we could do other things rather then just have the chocolate milk to drink all the time. (I do love to drink it though it is fantastic!) I used only a couple of ingredients the High country chocolate powdered milk, some rainy day powdered whip cream and water. I did add ice as well to thicken it up and make it like a shake you can get at a resturant. I started out by adding my powdered milk to the water along with some powderd whip cream. (I did that to make it a bit more creamy. Good though not nessesary.)

I mixed it up in a blender and then added a bit of ice to make sure it was nice and thick. I personally like my shakes to be more of a smoothy thickness, you can however control the thickness by adding more or less ice. Blend up and then serve! Has a great flavor and was nice, rich and creamy. I gave it to some other people and they were very impressed with the flavor and the fact that it did not have a grainy texture like some other powdered milks.

Overall, I would do this again in a heart beat. The flavor along with the smooth texture was very impresive. I highly recommend High Country Powdered Milk along with the Rainy Day Whip Cream.

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