LifeStraw Review

LifeStraw is a filtration system to purify water. It was the easiest water filter I have ever used in my life. Very simple, it is also small and easy to pack. It has a cord that makes it very convenient in the way of hanging it from things or tying it to your backpack. The way the Lifestraw is designed with a cap on the bottom of the straw which I found very comforting so that nothing will get shoved into your filter by accident. After using the LifeStraw something to watch for is your LifeStraw will leak out all of the water that is inside your filter. So you have to let the water drain out before closing the cap so water does not get trapped inside your LifeStraw. Overall I found that this product was very good, one of the best on-the-go filters I have ever used.
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