Put Paracord in your survival kit

Inexpensive paracord is an essential item for any good survival kit or bug out bag. We recommend getting it from our sister website, paracordgalaxy.com.

Paracord is a strong, thin, lightweight, inexpensive rope, usually made of nylon. It was developed by the military and originally used for parachute suspension lines. Over time people discovered it could be used for all kinds of survival, outdoor recreation, home and craft purposes.

Today there are two primary types of paracord on the market:

Mil spec paracord, certified to be up to military specifications, comes in a limited number of colors and is a bit more expensive than the commercial stuff.

Commercial paracord, essentially the same but not certified, comes in a huge number of colors. Various companies use different production techniques so there is some variation in look/feel.

Both types are the same size, have the same breaking strength and are similar in key aspects. They are both excellent for making survival bracelets and other projects.

Paracord Uses

Because of its versatility, paracord has long been valued as an important item for survival kits. A roll easily fits into a small space and adds very little weight. It was originally used by the military as suspension cords for parachutes but soldiers quickly started using it in all kinds of situations, and began carrying it with their emergency gear.

As the soldiers returned home, they continued using paracord and in recent years it has become a popular item for veterans and non-military people alike. People have used it creatively and found it can be woven into products useful in everyday life, that can be a life saving piece of gear in emergency situations. For example, paracord survival bracelets have become very popular. You can choose from many, many patterns and can create attractive bracelets that are fun to make and also to wear. Then, if needed, you can unravel the bracelet and have a length of cord available for use in a survival situation.

The same is true of belts and other items. In fact, when unraveled a belt may provide more useful cord than a bracelet.

Paracord is much like duct tape – it can be used in hundreds of practical applications. Many people find it enjoyable to discover new uses, and to weave or otherwise create useful items from cord. Like knitting, it can be therapeutic to create items by weaving paracord.

Many people create items from paracord that they give as gifts or sell during fund raisers. Many veterans groups, school clubs and other organizations make and sell paracord products to raise money.

Some people have developed successful businesses making and selling products using paracord. The market for finished products has become large and appears to be growing.

Here is a list of some of the more popular popular products you can make using paracord:

  • Bracelets
  • Belts
  • Slings
  • Wraps for handles
  • Key chains
  • Lanyards
  • Bottle carriers
  • Dog Leashes
  • And so much more!