NutriStore Breakfast Skillet


#10 Can, Product weight 13.4 oz.

Freeze-Dried Breakfast Skillet. Complete Meal. Made in USA.

Distributed by Nutristore®



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Premium Quality Freeze-Dried Meal | 25 Year Shelf Life | Just Add Water | Made in USA

Nutristore’s Breakfast Skillet Meal includes a delicious blend of scrambled eggs, potatoes, red and green bell peppers, and onion. Packed with necessary nutrients and calories, our goal is to bring you the best emergency freeze-dried meal on the market, ideal for a quick everyday meal solution or for emergency survival preparedness. Because of the easy prep, this versatile, high-quality meal is the perfect addition to your pantry as well as your long-term food storage.

Shelf Life:  Should be stored in cool dark place- optimum condition is 60 degrees or less- for longer storage.

Shelf life estimates are based on industry studies from sources deemed reputable. We have no control over individual storage practices and must disclaim any liability or warranty for particular results.




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