Nutristore FD Butternut Squash


#10 Can, Product weight 5.7 oz.

Freeze-Dried Butternut Squash. Use in salads, soups, casseroles, pot pies, stir fry or camping and backpacking. Great item for emergency preparedness.

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#10 Can, Product weight 5.7 oz.

100% Premium-Quality Freeze-Dried Butternut Squash. With an optimal amount of nutrients and servings per can, these delicious bulk freeze-dried butternut squash is easy to store long-term and simple to rehydrate.  Nutristore Butternut Squash is ideal for healthy snacks, lightweight DIY camping/backpacking, or emergency preparedness survival situations. The perfect addition to your emergency survival food storage. Simply create an instant side dish and use it in all of your favorite recipes such as; salads, soups, casserole, or stir fry. Just add water and enjoy

    • Servings – 24
    • Shelf life – 25 years
    • Bulk #10 can
    • Just add water
    • Great snack straight from the can

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