Basic Garden Storage Seeds


The Basic Garden survival seed kit includes over 15 vegetable garden favorites. The seeds have been professionally dried and sealed for maximun storeage life. Open-Pollinated Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds. High Germination Rates. Growing Guide Included.

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Grow your own garden from storable seeds. These highly nutritious seeds were chosen for their tenacious growing capability in all regions. Growing your own fresh vegetables from dried, storable seeds has long been known to provide a long list of health benefits – which becomes even more vital during an emergency where your health and well-being will be of utmost importance. Our Basic Garden Survival Seed Kit contains over 15 types of vegetable favorites that will be a welcome addition to your long term emergency supplies. The seeds have been professionally dried and sealed for maximum storage life.

Package Information

Open-Pollinated Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds

Long-term, 5+ Year Storage
High Germination Rates
Growing Guide Included

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