Lightweight Compact Emergency Tool. You can take it anywhere.

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3-in-1 Orange Waterproof Match Storage Box. Perfect for boating, camping, fishing, hiking, or hunting trips, this storage container is a great addition to your emergency and survival

kits. The waterproof container to store matches or other small objects that you need to keep dry. A signaling mirror in the lid can help you discreetly communicate with others without making much noise. Easy to fit inside your pocket, there is never an excuse to be without the means to start a fire.

signaling mirror

Located inside the lid, this small mirror can help you communicate with others without having to make noise.

fire starter flint on bottom of container

Located on the bottom of the container to easily set the matches alight.

Waterproof storage container

A safe place to keep anything dry, like your matches, money, etc.







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