StoveTec Deluxe Two Door Biomass Stove


StoveTec Deluxe Metal Two Door Wood, Charcoal & Biomass Cook Stove

This Rocket-type stove makes cooking with charcoal, sticks, kindling, pine cones and other biomass easy. It’s amazing how much food you can cook with a small amount of natural fuel and how little smoke the stove produces.

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StoveTec Deluxe Metal Two Door Wood, Charcoal & Biomass Cook Stove

This Deluxe Cookstove can burn either wood or charcoal. It’s an excellent option for cooks wanting multiple fuel-use capabilities. The innovative two door design allows for both high-power cooking (boiling and frying) and lower temperature simmering.

This Rocket-type stove is an excellent option for both campers and preppers who enjoy the ease of cooking with wood. Equipped with a refractory clay liner and stainless steel combustion chamber, the internal chimney section forces smoke and gases to mix with the flame, decreasing harmful emissions and smoke. Other notable features include a rugged 6-stud cast-iron stove top, thick refractory ceramic floor insulation, reinforced metal door frame for increased durability and mounting brackets that keep the fuel grate stable.

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