Eggs -Ova Easy Crystals


These egg crystals are great for baking, making scrambled eggs, and even German Pancakes. 

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Excellent for scrambling, omelets and other dishes. Hard to tell from fresh eggs.

Servings per container: 136
(Serving size: 2 tbs)

Calories per serving: 60
Calories from fat: 39

Protein: 5 g per serving
Vitimin A: 12% RDA
Calcium: 8% RDA
Iron: 4% RDA

Ingredients: Dried whole eggs, yolks, and dried egg whites. (Glucose removed for stability.)

Shelf life: 10 years if stored at optimum conditions. After opening, refrigerate and use within one year.

Processed in a plant that handles milk, wheat, egg, soy and tree nut products.

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