Dehydrated Egg Mix (#10) (In Store Pickup Only)


Dehydrated egg mix with milk powder and vegetable oil ready to use for breakfast items. (10-12 yr shelf life)

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Our dehydrated egg mix is a versatile base to use for whipping up quick and easy dishes.

This mix of whole egg, powdered milk, and vegetable oil is perfect for just add water and cook up for scrambled eggs.

Use it to make a great omelet, or french toast.  This mix is easy to pack around for camping adventures.  You do not have to worry about breaking the eggs to get there.  This is a must have for your long term food storage needs.

Ingredients:  Dried whole egg, non-fat milk, vegetable oil (corn and or soybean oil), and salt.

Contains:  Dairy and Egg.

(Rainy Day foods)

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