About St George Nano Silver

Nano Silver Ag Particle Solution 16ozSt George Nano Silver is the single most popular product we sell in our physical store in St. George, Utah. Many people buy it and rave about how well it works. They come back to buy it again and again.

Many people buy it in bulk and give it to family members and friends.

We know and work directly with the chemist who perfected the St George Nano Silver formula, and who produces it for sale around the country. We buy directly from the source, and pass the savings along to our customers.

We hear many testimonials about the effectiveness of St George Nano Sivler. We have grouped them into these common categories.

1. Skin conditions, rashes, diaper rash, eczema, cuts, scrapes, wounds. People spray the silver water directly onto the skin and it helps disinfect and promotes healing.

2. Colds, sore throats, other illnesses. Many people gargle with St George Nano Silver. Some shallow a few tablespoons daily. Many people do this every day to promote general health; others only when they feel sickness coming on.

3. Water purification and storage. Many people store water for emergencies and adding a little nano silver will extend the storage life for years. It is a safe, effective and convenient way to safely store water.

St George Nano Silver does not build up in your body and it will never cause Argyria (silver skin). You cannot over dose – you could drink an entire bottle with no ill effects.

Said one of our customers: “It’s Great! Very healing!”

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Read a fyler produced by the chemist who developed St George Nano Silver: st-george-nano-silver.pdf